[tex-live] glyphlist.txt

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Thu Jun 30 07:34:01 CEST 2005

At least the lcdftools programs and dvipdfmx need Adobe's
glyphlist.txt at run-time.  For good cooperation with TeX fonts it is
necessary to extend this file, namely, to add a bunch of glyph names
which are used in already existing TeX fonts.

This raises two problems.

  . It is a waste of space to have multiple instances of
    glyphlist.txt.  For instance, this file can be currently found
    five times on TeXLive (three times in the texmf trees, two times
    in the source tree), and at least one version is out of date.

  . I consider it problematic to touch the original file.  It makes it
    more difficult to update to a newer version, and to maintain
    extensions to it.

I suggest the following -- not for this TeXLive distribution, but for
the next one due to our proposed deadline.

  . Put the unmodified glyphlist.txt file into


    Consequently, use the TEXFONTMAPS variable to locate it.

  . Put extensions to this file into, say,


  . Modify all programs which need this data to first read
    glyphlist.txt, then glyphlist.ext.

  . Make all programs accept the slightly extended format as
    implemented in lcdftools to provide more than a single mapping:





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