[tex-live] SERIOUS bug in grxn1000.pfb

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Jun 29 16:00:11 CEST 2005


the character widths in grxn1000.tfm differ enormously from the
advance widths in grxn1000.pfb!  Take, for example, the character
`alpha' -- this corresponds to glyph name `a' in the Type 1 font.
t1disasm gives

  /a {
      48 575 hsbw
      -5 96 hstem
      355 97 hstem
      1 53 vstem

and tftopl yields

     (CHARWD R 0.6553955)
     (CHARHT R 0.444336)

As you can see we have 575 PS units in the the Type 1 file and
0.655*1000=655 units.  Even if we convert TeX points to PS points, the
difference is far too large.  Compare this with grmn1000 which has
correct widths:

  /alpha {
      42 500 hsbw
      -11 64 hstem
      0 25 vstem
      307 104 rmoveto

     (CHARWD R 0.499878)
     (CHARHT R 0.43045)

Most drivers like xdvi or dvips use the width values from the TFM
file, while dvipdfmx apparently doesn't do this.  This is the very
reason why I've noticed this problem.

I don't know how many other cb fonts are affected...


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