[tex-live] dvipdfmx not linked with zlib

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jun 29 01:34:52 CEST 2005

    Is it intentional that the linux i386 binary of dvipdfmx isn't linked
    with zlib

I've just submitted a new dvipdfmx binary, updated to the 20050627
release which Hirata just made (some details below).  It is linked with
libz, although I don't know how to tell directly if a PDF is compressed
or not.  There's plenty of binary in the output from story.dvi, at

Hope this will work for your CJK stuff, let me know if problems or if
something else needs to be done.

One change I noticed is that they now default to outputting pdf 1.4,
instead of 1.3, for alpha channel stuff:
%% PDF (minor) version stamp to use in output file.
%% This also implies maximal version of PDF file allowed to be included.
%% Dvipdfmx does not support 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 since TrueType font embedded
%% as CIDFontType2 requires at least version 1.3. Transparent imaging
%% model requires version 1.4. So if you want soft-masking support for
%% PNG image with alpha channels, you should set version to 4 or higher.

I'm guessing we should stick with 1.4 (although I hate pdf versions).
More informed opinions welcome :).


Bug Fixes:

  * Important fix for PK font creation: 2005-05-04
  * Important fix for metapost output PS handling:
  * Fixes in PDF import: fixes for SEGV error and for
    double-free problem in treating corrupt PDF file.
    ChangeLog entry 2005-05-04.


  * Fallback to old path search behaviour: 2005-06-09
    Dvipdfmx's install script does not install map files
    (and others) in proper locations (for TDS 1.1). So,
    I made dvipdfmx to search old install locations too,
    as a workaround.
  * pdf:literal (without 'direct') seems not working
    as expected. I've changed to always enclose
    pdf:literal with 'q' and 'Q' so that it does not
    affect subsequent DVI interpretion. (INCOMPATIBLE)
  * Fixes for color special handling: ChangeLog entry
    2005-03-07 and 2005-05-07. Still there are bugs.
  * Removed HAVE_KPSE_XXX_FORMAT macros, instead use
    simpler __TDS_VERSION__.
  * Removed undocumented/experimental features:

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