[tex-live] Norwegian hyphenation patterns status

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jun 28 14:58:29 CEST 2005

Hi folks,

The situation with Norwegian hyphenation patterns appears to be fairly
confused (not unusual :().

On CTAN there are three files matching "nohyph", all in language/hyphenation:

1) CTAN:nohyph.tex -- by Preben Randhol (hi Preben), Frank Jensen, Ivar
   Aavatsmark (hi Ivar), and others. changed by te to use characters
   instead of macros.  This file reports itself as nohyphen.tex, circa 1994.
2) CTAN:nohyph2.tex -- by L. Thoresen and D.F. Langmyhr (hi Dag), uses
   real 8-bit characters and has catcode statements.
3) CTAN:nohyphbx.tex -- by Rune Kleveland and Ole Michael Selberg (hi hi),
   circa 2005, a much much larger set of patterns.

Ok, so that makes some kind of sense.  But now, in TL we have the
following (all in texmf/tex/generic/hyphen):

4) TL:nohyph.tex -- appears to be an updating of #1.  Same patterns, but
   has a different misspelling of "substituted", a different address for
   te, and a \begingroup ... \endgroup around the definitions.
5) TL:nohyph1.tex -- appears to be Ivar's original file, from 1992.
   Uses cathyph.tex.  I expect it should just be deleted.
6) TL:nohyph2.tex -- almost the same as #4, the only difference is in
   te's email address.  I expect it should be deleted too.

I did not see a copyright/license statement of any kind in any of the
files :(.

So perhaps what we should do is something like this:

1) fix the spelling of "substituted" in #4, include a license statement
   if we can, and update nohyph.tex on CTAN.  Preben, Ivar?

2) Include a license statement in nohyphbx (#3) if we can, and put that
   in TL with a language.nobx.dat (I guess) file so it can actually be
   used as an alternative.  Rune, Ole?

3) Don't know if nohyph2.tex should be included as an alternative set of
   patterns or not.  Dag?

4) delete #5 and #6.

Any information or instructions would be welcome ...


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