[tex-live] Upper Sorbian hyphenation patterns and other problems

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jun 28 14:58:29 CEST 2005

      . Remove the files lahyph7.tex and lahyph8.tex since lahyph.tex is a
        merger of the former two files.

      . Remove ithyphen2.tex since it is an old version of ithyph.tex.

      . Move hyph_hu.dic into the doc tree (or remove it completely).

      . Move ghyph31.README and ghyphen.README into the doc tree.

I delete ghyph31.README since it was a symlink.  I am reluctant to make
a whole new doc directory for ghyphen.README, although admittedly that's
where it theoretically belongs.  I can't imagine that anyone looking for
the file would find it there instead of right next to ghyphen.tex in the
first place.  So I left it.  I don't see that it does any harm.

      . Move bahyph.sh into the doc tree (or remove it completely).

Ditto, left this one too.


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