[tex-live] symlinks in repository?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Jun 28 08:49:13 CEST 2005

> > But in this case I imagine the files are small, so even hundreds
> > of duplicates is doable.  What's a bit of drag is maintaining the
> > copies.


> >     font `foo' there exists a ToUnicode cmap `foo.cmap' 
> > 
> > If there was more structure in the name, perhaps the copies could
> > be avoided.  Eg, make the subfont names be things like
> > c10-17.cmap.

This is not possible.

> > Then for a font name foo-bar, dvipdfmx can first try foo-bar.cmap,
> > then (if there is a dash in the name) try foo.cmap.

The very problem is that the LaTeX font encoding (and subfont
encoding) is lost in the DVI file where only font names survive.
While it makes sense for some special case to deduce the font encoding
from the font name, it will always be an educated guess.

> > Or it could just try try stripping chars off one at a time, if
> > changing the names is not feasible: c1017.cmap, c101.map,
> > c10.cmap.

This won't work either.

> > Do pdftex and CJK play together or is that not an issue at this point?
> is there really a clash? dvipdfmx searches in the
> /texmf/font/(dvipdfmx) path while latex looks into its texinputs
> path which i suppose is /texmf/tex/latex

There is no clash, but for the sake of maintainability it would be
good to share the data.  Vladimir's cmap.sty is very special since it
basically adds data directly from the texmf/font tree (namely, cmap
files) to a pdftex document.  I'm not sure how to set up this
correctly in TeXLive.  Ideally, the following link should be done:

  texmf-dist/fonts/cmap/fontenc -> texmf-dist/tex/latex/cmap/data

and the currently available five cmap files (t1.cmap and friends)
should be moved to fonts/cmap/fontenc.

On Unix hosts, it would be good to have post-actions to create the
link, and for Windows hosts the files should be simply copied.  Maybe
a script `check-cmap-hierarchy' could be run after calling installing
or removing packages in the TeXLive system which takes care of

Note that the link setup between the `fonts' and `tex' trees is
something in addition to what I want to do.  For example, for the two
traditional Chinese fonts bmsilp and bkaimp (the former is in TeXLive)
I need this:

  fonts/cmap/bmsilp/bmsilp01.cmap <- fonts/cmap/fontenc/c0001.cmap
  fonts/cmap/bmsilp/bmsilp02.cmap <- fonts/cmap/fontenc/c0002.cmap

  fonts/cmap/bkaimp/bkaimp01.cmap <- fonts/cmap/fontenc/c0001.cmap
  fonts/cmap/bkaimp/bkaimp02.cmap <- fonts/cmap/fontenc/c0002.cmap

bsmilp01.cmap and siblings are needed for dvipdfmx, and c0001.cmap and
siblings are needed by cmap.sty.

Files c0001.cmap and friends would be directly part of my CJK package,
while bmsilp01.cmap and friends should be created by a post-action
(either by linking or copying) in the bmsilp font package.


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