[tex-live] double T1-WGL4.enc

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jun 27 18:38:10 CEST 2005

    but how shall I indicate that those files are part of the
    CJK package in case CJK gets updated on CTAN?

Put requires into the tpm's.  At least that'll be a clue.

    The short answer is that you are entering unknown territory.
    Unless someone steps forward who wants to work on the TPM
    software, it'll remain a manual process.

Well, I have been working on it, since it's obvious that there is no
other "someone".  In Master/Tools there is now a script tpm-ctan-check
which does a very simple check of some of the packages in TL against
their incarnation on CTAN.  It is just in the beginning stages, and I'm
sure it won't handle a complex package like CJK without modification,
but it's a start.

Werner, my advice is, don't worry about this last step for CJK, unless
you really want to get involved in TL administration and overhead.  If
you split up the packages as you describe and make the initial TPM
files, that will already be doing more than 99% of the other authors.


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