[tex-live] Upper Sorbian hyphenation patterns and other problems

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Jun 27 15:49:48 CEST 2005

The Upper Sorbian hyphenation patterns sorhyph.tex are problematic for
various reasons.

  . The copyright says

      % Non-commercial usage and usage in TeX-related programs only
      % Packaging with commercial stuff only with written permission
      % of the author

    I'm quite sure that the author is willing to change this into
    something more liberate.

  . There is no language.sor.dat.

  . It is part of the hyphen-german bundle which is bad IMHO.  While
    the area where Upper Sorbian is spoken (the Lausitz valley) is
    indeed in Germany, the language itself is a Slavic one and not
    related to German.

I suggest to create a separate `hyphen-usorbian' bundle.

BTW, checking the various hyphenation patterns in other bundles I see
that the following files don't have a proper .dat entry:

  hyphen-norwegian: nohyph1.tex

Additionally I suggest the following:

  . Remove the files lahyph7.tex and lahyph8.tex since lahyph.tex is a
    merger of the former two files.

  . Remove ithyphen2.tex since it is an old version of ithyph.tex.

  . Move hyph_hu.dic into the doc tree (or remove it completely).

  . Move ghyph31.README and ghyphen.README into the doc tree.

  . Move bahyph.sh into the doc tree (or remove it completely).

Another problem is package hyphen-interlingua and hyphen-icelandic:
There is neither a file iahyphen.tex nor icehyph.tex!


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