[tex-live] symlinks in repository?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jun 27 15:48:22 CEST 2005

Karl Berry wrote:
>     space is cheap.
> Well, it depends on how much space we are talking about.  We have
> the continuing problem of the CD space limitation.
> But in this case I imagine the files are small, so even hundreds of
> duplicates is doable.  What's a bit of drag is maintaining the copies.
>     font `foo' there exists a ToUnicode cmap `foo.cmap' 
> If there was more structure in the name, perhaps the copies could be
> avoided.  Eg, make the subfont names be things like c10-17.cmap.  Then
> for a font name foo-bar, dvipdfmx can first try foo-bar.cmap, then (if
> there is a dash in the name) try foo.cmap.
> Or it could just try try stripping chars off one at a time, if changing
> the names is not feasible: c1017.cmap, c101.map, c10.cmap.
> Do pdftex and CJK play together or is that not an issue at this point?

is there really a clash? dvipdfmx searches in the /texmf/font/(dvipdfmx) path 
while latex looks into its texinputs path which i suppose is /texmf/tex/latex


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