[tex-live] symlinks in repository?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Jun 27 14:29:06 CEST 2005

> yes, Perforce supports symlinks. but please don't use them,
> as the result will not be replicated properly on Windows boxes.

I've done `find -type l' and already found symlinks in bin/i386-linux
and doc/man/man1...

> >An alternative is to add entries to the `aliases' file, but I fear
> >that, similar to `special.map', there is no `addAliasMap'
> >function...
> >
> I suggest that fixing pdftex or dvipdfmx is the better answer!

Well, this is not an easy task.  Some explanation: Vladimir's cmap.sty
expects that a ToUnicode cmap file is called


for example `c1017.cmap' (C10 is simplified Chinese in my CJK
package).  After creating a DVI file, this information is lost.  The
new dvipdfmx version (currently only in the CVS) checks whether for
font `foo' there exists a ToUnicode cmap `foo.cmap' and uses it if
found, which is quite natural.  Assuming that font foo is subfont `17'
of encoding `c10', the file foo.cmap should be a symbolic link to


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