[tex-live] TPM bug

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jun 20 15:47:36 CEST 2005

    All tpm files in texmf-dist/tfm contain

Unless I've got my slashes confused, this is simply an empty element and
is not a problem.

    but only three (amsfonts, cmextra, and latex) contain

I believe Staszek put those in in his recent changes, under a
misconception which I've mentioned before: in texmf-dist and texmf-doc,
it is useless to have a <TPM:Build> ... </TPM:Build> section with
RunPatterns, because the Tools/tlrebuild script *automatically*
regenerates the entire tpm file in those hiers and throws out any such
patterns and other such "extraneous" stuff anyway.

Put another way, the file lists in texmf-dist and texmf-doc cannot be
changed manually.  They must follow certain patterns, usually meaning
that all the files have to be in a directory with the same name as the
package name.  Any unavoidable special cases have to be accounted for in
the tpm-factory 

The only things in the texmf-dist & texmf-doc tpm's that can be edited
manually are the text parts: name, version, description, author, etc.
The file lists are completely regenerated whenever tlrebuild is run.

This was one of the major purposes of Fabrice's reorganization last year.

I'm trying a rebuild now, and it looks like the patterns were simply
redundant.  Whew.  (A few of the dvipdfmx files I was messing with
aren't installed properly yet, but there were no complaints about the
files in Staszek's font reorg.)
    Looks like a bug in the script which creates TPM files...

I don't think so.

    Interestingly, tpm files in texmf/tpm are fine.

The tpm files in texmf/tpm are not completely autoregenerated, so there
the RunPatterns and similar are what count.

In texmf, editing the file lists is still useless, though; the patterns
must be changed to add or remove files, since the patterns are what
tlrebuild uses to generate the file lists.  Fabrice wrote some
additional utilities that check the tree against the patterns, etc., etc.


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