[tex-live] repackaging cm and amsfonts

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Mon Jun 13 10:09:10 CEST 2005

> Thanks for pointing that. As I see teTeX/TL contains only some of those
> sources. Anyway, fonts/tfm/public/cmextra should be also made, or can
> we merge cm with cmextra?

teTeX has:

$ ls fonts/tfm/public/cmextra
cmbxcd10.tfm  cmcscsl10.tfm  cmitt9.tfm   cmssbxo10.tfm  cmvtti10.tfm
cmbxti12.tfm  cmfibs8.tfm    cmsl6.tfm    cmsslu30.tfm
cmbxti7.tfm   cmitt12.tfm    cmsltt9.tfm  cmssu30.tfm

$ ls fonts/tfm/public/cm
cmb10.tfm     cmex10.tfm   cmmi9.tfm    cmsl9.tfm     cmssi9.tfm    cmti10.tfm
cmbsy10.tfm   cmex9.tfm    cmmib10.tfm  cmsltt10.tfm  cmssq8.tfm    cmti12.tfm
cmbx10.tfm    cmff10.tfm   cmr10.tfm    cmss10.tfm    cmssqi8.tfm   cmti7.tfm
cmbx12.tfm    cmfi10.tfm   cmr12.tfm    cmss12.tfm    cmsy10.tfm    cmti8.tfm
cmbx5.tfm     cmfib8.tfm   cmr17.tfm    cmss17.tfm    cmsy5.tfm     cmti9.tfm
cmbx6.tfm     cminch.tfm   cmr5.tfm     cmss8.tfm     cmsy6.tfm     cmtt10.tfm
cmbx7.tfm     cmitt10.tfm  cmr6.tfm     cmss9.tfm     cmsy7.tfm     cmtt12.tfm
cmbx8.tfm     cmmi10.tfm   cmr7.tfm     cmssbx10.tfm  cmsy8.tfm     cmtt8.tfm
cmbx9.tfm     cmmi12.tfm   cmr8.tfm     cmssdc10.tfm  cmsy9.tfm     cmtt9.tfm
cmbxsl10.tfm  cmmi5.tfm    cmr9.tfm     cmssi10.tfm   cmtcsc10.tfm  cmu10.tfm
cmbxti10.tfm  cmmi6.tfm    cmsl10.tfm   cmssi12.tfm   cmtex10.tfm   cmvtt10.tfm
cmcsc10.tfm   cmmi7.tfm    cmsl12.tfm   cmssi17.tfm   cmtex8.tfm
cmdunh10.tfm  cmmi8.tfm    cmsl8.tfm    cmssi8.tfm    cmtex9.tfm

I think that it is worth keeping cm / cmextra separate.

And, that's how it is suggested by special.map (from fontname):

@c First the extra CM fonts from the AMS, where the names must match exactly.
cmbsy5		ams		cmextra
cmbsy6		ams		cmextra
cmbsy7		ams		cmextra
cmbsy8		ams		cmextra
cmbsy9		ams		cmextra
cmcsc8		ams		cmextra
cmcsc9		ams		cmextra
cmex7		ams		cmextra
cmex8		ams		cmextra
cmmib5		ams		cmextra
cmmib6		ams		cmextra
cmmib7		ams		cmextra
cmmib8		ams		cmextra
cmmib9		ams		cmextra

@c The 75 standard cm fonts (+cmex9) from Knuth. List them in all available
@c pointsizes, since there also exists a sauter version of them.
cmb10		public		cm
cmbsy10		public		cm

BTW: can someone please enlighten me about the history of cmex9?


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