[tex-live] glyphlist.txt

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jun 11 15:58:07 CEST 2005

    I don't know what the TeXLive distribution does instead.  

Nothing.  So the file is not found, unless it happens to exist in the
user's /usr/local/share.

    Probably I should update to search using kpathsea when available.

Yes, I think so.  The simplest thing would be to do the same thing that
dvipdfmx does, and search using "other text files".  That will end up
looking in $TEXMF/$progname// for it, I believe.  

Which leads to more questions:

1) Are there other data files you search for now?

2) Do you explicitly set $progname?  If not, it is essentially the
   basename of $0, so it'll be otftotfm or whatever program is looking
   for it.  In which case it seems like it would be desirable to set it,
   which I believe basically amounts to

3) Since I gather you extend the file (with additional code points), we
   shouldn't try to share it with other glyphlist.txt's even if we
   wanted to (which we don't).  Right?


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