[tex-live] potentisal conflict in name

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jun 4 22:14:18 CEST 2005

Karl Berry wrote:
> So far you have only talked about dvipdfmx.
> Are you also potentially generating dvips and pdftex map files with
> arbitrary names, so, for example, there might be three optima.map files,
> one in each syntax?

indeed, apart from general font usage, i also use font map files toachieve 
special effects

> If that's the case, then yes, I suppose changing TEXFONTMAPS to include
> $progname is best, since having a separate definition of TEXFONTMAPS for
> each program seems pretty pointless.  Sigh.

> I won't bother arguing the other points, since it won't get us any
> closer to release, and we all have more useful things to do.

well, for me supporting dvipdfmx is usefull, esp since users ask for it, -)


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