[tex-live] potentisal conflict in name

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jun 4 15:08:01 CEST 2005

    if tds/kpse/cnf cannot handle duplicate filenames and locate files
    based on search patterns 

Hans, we've been through this before.  They can't, and they've never
been able to.  The way duplicate filenames are handled is by having
different paths.  Yes, it is suboptimal.

    so far we've been lucky that not so many conflicts arise in the tex

It is not entirely a matter of luck.  We explicitly work hard to arrange
things to avoid this.

    (although occasionally i'm bitten by files that match unexpectingly

Indeed.  Me too.  Nothing is perfect.

Meanwhile, getting back to the problem at hand.  In what is in TL today,
there are no duplicate filenames under fonts/maps/dvipdfm.  What are the
duplicate filenames that you insist on putting there, and where are they
going to end up in TL?

As far as I can see, the short-term solution for your dvipdfmx problem
is to use MAPFONTS.dvipdfm.  If that doesn't work, then it needs to be
debugged and fixed.  If dvipdfmx doesn't set $progname, then it has to
be changed to do so (that is why the dot notation wouldn't work).  I
will try to look at this when I put dvipdfmx into the tree; hopefully
Cho will look at it sooner.

As another short-term solution, I would have no overriding objection to
adding $progname to the default MAPFONTS path, although I'd rather not.
But since apparently dvipdfmx is not setting $progname in the first
place, I don't see that it will help, so let's not.

Another possible solution would be for dvipdfmx to use a different
suffix, instead of .map.  After all, it is fairly bizarre for a
different syntax to use the same extension.  If dvipdfmx used .dpmap,
the problem would away.

The ideal long-term solution, as you know, is for all the programs to
recognize the same map syntax.


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