[tex-live] potentisal conflict in name

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 4 10:46:15 CEST 2005

Hans Hagen writes:

> now that we're discussing dvipdfmx ... do you know a way to use a
> dvipdfmx specific map path

> ../map/dvipdfmx/abc.map
> ../map/pdftex/abc.map

> i want pdftex as well as dvipdfmx to use his/her own map file;
> since dvipdfmx does not set a progname (or for this purpose, a maybe a
> $driver variable)

> since we have multiple axis

> engine   -> pdfetex aleph xetex
> progname -> plain, latex, context

> we also need a variable

> driver   -> dvips, pdftex, dvipdfm

> so that we can have

> TEXFONTMAPS = .;$TEXMF/{fonts/map/{$driver,dvips,}//

> which then takes us to either the pdftex or dvipdfm subpath without
> potential conflicts

Just as setting $engine required changes in the engines, this requires
changes in the drivers.  (Obviously, because only the engine/driver
know what this should be set to.)

The engines just do (in web2c/lib/texmfmp.c:maininit)

  kpse_set_program_name (argv[0], user_progname);
  xputenv("engine", TEXMFENGINENAME);

with TEXMFENGINENAME itself a #define in texmfmp.h.

Olaf Weber

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