[tex-live] incomplete amsfonts

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jan 9 20:35:05 CET 2005

Karl Berry wrote:
>     I cannot recall when and _why_ wncy* cyrillic fonts were 
>     removed at all. 
> Looks like a mistake, not intentional.  After perusing the logs in
> Build/cdbuild/logs, I see that wncyr10.tfm (and .pfb and everything
> else) was last deleted as part of change #4777 (on 2005-05-10), a huge
> update by Sebastian from CTAN.
>     Sorry for not founding that before TL2004 release and not reacting...
> No one's fault, just one of those things.
> Will mention it on the bugs page and re-update the fonts ASAP.  In the
> meantime, at least people who need them can get the files from CTAN, or
> from previous versions.

how about putting a zip somewhere that one can unzip over his/her texlive tree 
that add those missing fonts and such? i don't expect the average user to go to 
ctan, locate fonts, and put them at the right place, if they already know what 
to look for (for many users texlive provides a 'black box')


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