[tex-live] Re: Packaging TeXlive as Debian packages

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jan 5 17:07:25 CET 2005

Hello all!

On Mit, 05 Jan 2005, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> >For the texmf stuff (packages not containing binaries) I don't know
> >about it. I am not a professional DD, but I can ask around.
> >
> the concept of "source" here is fairly meaningless. And I wonder about 
> documentation.
> but we could put texmf-doc into /usr/share/doc/texlive

Well, documentation normally is in /usr/share/doc/<package>/... 
How to cope with this, no idea ATM, but who cares for now.

> >- what about debian tex packages (preview-latex etc) installing files
> > into /usr/share/texmf
> >
> indeed. thats more complicated. but lets not worry too much about that now

True. Ignore the packages, or make a contradict entry.

> >- texmf.cnf: Maybe we can recompile binaries such that in some cases
> > (-DDEBIAN) first /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf is searched for
> > 
> >
> hmm. a lot of work to maintain a separate set of binaries.

In fact, as far as I know, if we want to have *official* debian
packages, then the bins *have to be* recompiled on buildd server
machines to be accepted. We only can upload sources!

In this case this would not be a problem as we can add a -DDEBIAN to the
debian build stuff and get it right.

> I think in practice, if we are to re-use existing binaries, we need a 
> symlink
> from /usr/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf (which will be found by 
> /usr/bin/tex, agreed?)

Hmm, not that I know. I dont know where tex/kpse searches for the `first
prime' texmf.cnf (from which it takes all other search pathes)? I
thought from
ie ATM
is looking for

Olaf? Does this also work with one directory level less?

Anyway, as I guess that the binaries have to be rebuild on the debian
devel hosts we can fix this.

Best wishes


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