[tex-live] Distributing Customised TeX Live

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Wed Jan 5 16:47:57 CET 2005

> That is indeed a problem, but isn't a better solution to have the TeX
> tool that generates fonts on the fly also set the font-file
> protections for public read access (on Unix, "chmod a+r
> /tmp/foo.600pk").  Our MakeTeXPK script has always done that (the RCS
> history here shows chmod commands in the original 1995 version).

The problem  occured only   on NT/2K/XP  because  of  the specific  ACLs
mechanism  which runs besides the  old file  attributes mechanism. The C
version  of  mktex* mimics  the shell version.   However, if you do your
chmod and so but the ACLs do not match what  you need, that won't work
anyway. You need to be sure your generated file will inherit the ACL and
that the ACL he will get is everyone:read . I  didn't want to put C code
for  that  in the   tex  &  friends source   code.   It was   located in
TeXSetup.exe only, hence the hack with the TEMP dir.


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