[tex-live] Packaging TeXlive as Debian packages

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jan 5 14:06:42 CET 2005

Hi all!

I want to hear your opinion on the packaging concept of TeXlive for

Proposal for a Debian packaging system for TeXlive
(last update: 2004-01-05)

All debian package names are prefixed with tl-

The tpm in texmf/tpm/ (collection-*, bin-*, lib-*, hyphen-*, scheme-*) 
are mapped to debian packages.

	bin-XXX		->	tl-XXX-bin 	(standard debian notation)
	collection-XXX	->	tl-XXX
	lib-XXX		->	tl-lib-XXX	(??)
	hyphen-XXX	->	tl-hyphen-XXX
	scheme-XXX	->	tl-scheme-XXX

TPM-Requires between these packages are mapped to Debian Dependencies.

All other files obtained from a TPM-Require are included in the 
debian package.

Thus we have:
	tl-afm2pl-bin tl-aleph-bin tl-amstex-bin tl-bibtex-bin ...
	tl-basic tl-bibtexextra tl-binaries tl-chemistry tl-context ...
	tl-lib-freetype2 tl-lib-gd ...
	tl-scheme-basic tl-scheme-context tl-scheme-full ...

As an example, tl-chemistry Debian-depends on
(other collection)
and includes the files from
	bpchem.tpm chemarrow.tpm chemcono.tpm mhchem.tpm xymtex.tpm


Any suggestions? I will start on writing some stuff to get debian
packages from the tpm files, using Tpm.pm from Fabrice.

Best wishes


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