[tex-live] Cyrillic Russian version of Plain TeX TL7

Stewart, George GStewart at mcao.net
Thu Sep 30 23:35:29 CEST 2004

This supercedes my previous message.

I am trying to make russified version of Plain TeX.  I think I have all the
files in place, after reading readme from cyrplain folder.

I edited makefmts.bat so that it makes only one format file, the one I want,
which is cyrplain.fmt.

But when I try to run the batch file, I get an error.  The batch file
contains the following command:

   tex386.exe -i -8 -o -mt18000 cyrtex.ini

However, my TL7 does not include tex386.exe instead it has tex.exe.

Additionally, the arguments to tex do not include -i and -8 and mt18000. I
assume there are equivalent arguments for the tex that I have but the  tex
-help does not tell me which to use (I assume -i equates to -ini, but
otherwise I am in the dark).

Please help.  Thanks!

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