[tex-live] How to get Cyrillic (Russian/English) version of Plain TeX (TL7)

Stewart, George GStewart at mcao.net
Thu Sep 30 22:59:17 CEST 2004


Thanks to all readers for the help with my initial difficulties with
TeXLive. It is working now.

I am now trying to create a Russian-English version of TeX. I think all the
pieces I need are already included in my installation (I did the full
installation), but I cannot seem to follow the instructions that I have
found within some of the separate packages. For example, the readme file of

The version of TeX I wish to have will need to handle Russian and English
text with proper hyphenation. At this point, I don't have any special
requirements for encoding, as I will be simply producing Russian/English
texts with the fonts available in the TeXLive distribution of 9/2003.

I do not use LaTeX.

Could someone give me some assistance in doing this? I have the feeling it
is not that complicated because the files are already in place in my system,
however, I do not understand the jargon well enough to make use of it.

With sincere thanks,
George Stewart

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