[tex-live] TeX Live -- Latest Version and Licensing

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Sep 30 17:22:12 CEST 2004

Hi Adam,

    adam> that the 2004 distribution is due out soon?

We can only hope.

    norbert> licensed under a Debian approved license.

And/or FSF.  (There are unfortunate discrepancies between the two, but
let's not waste our time on it.)

    norbert> AFAIK i386-linux, solaris, alpha-linux, and
    norbert> win32 (???) builds are uptodate.

Not quite.

i386-linux, alpha-linux, mips-irix are up to date.

sparc-solaris, powerpc-darwin, powerpc-aix and sparc-linux are almost
up to date (just missing the xdvi fix, I think).  w32 is a bit older.

x86_64-linux, i386-freebsd, i386-solaris, i386-openbsd are all old.
(Sebastian, Baden, any hope for the latter two?)

   adam> am I free to install that on lab machines on my college campus for
   adam> student use (as long as the source code is made available)?

Yes, although I highly recommend doing some testing first :).  Let us
know if problems.

   adam> licensing, my understanding is that TeXLive is available under the GPL

To the best of our knowledge, everything on TL is "freely available".
It's definitely not all GPL'd, specifically -- for instance, LaTeX and
most LaTeX packages use the LPPL.  Knuth's originals have their own
unique license.  Etc.

    norbert> The source code of the binaries are included in tar.gz
    on the cdroms.

We don't autoupdate the source.tar.bz2 file in the ISO images, although
we won't complain if that's what you tell people about.  (We should fix
this sometime.)  Meanwhile, the current sources are always available via
p4, rsync, etc., FWIW.

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