[tex-live] Question about installation

Stewart, George GStewart at mcao.net
Tue Sep 28 18:05:43 CEST 2004


I have intalled TeXLive edition 9/2003 to run in my Windows 2000 system. I
selected the full installation.

I am trying to have TeX (the one that is part of TeXLive) be able to find
certain macro files that I have located outside the TeXLive directories. (In
my case, they are in C: "Program Files"\PCTeX\PCTeXv5".)

I edited the TEXMF.CNF file to include the following:


Please note that $ProgramFiles is an environment variable that is set to
"C:\Program Files".

This much I verified with the command
  c:\> kpsewhich -expand-var $ProgramFiles
which returns the value
  c:> \Program Files
However, this does not help. When I run tex within TexLive (from DOS
command), for example

tex sample

(sample.tex is a file which includes the command \input\mac1)

tex is unable to find the file mac1--even though it is in the directory tree
which I specified in the TEXINPUTS variable.

Thanks for your help.
George A. Stewart
Concord, NH

TUG member

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