[tex-live] sparc solaris binaries etc.

Maksym Polyakov polyama at myrealbox.com
Tue Sep 21 17:27:11 CEST 2004

Hi, Karl

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 05:29:07PM -0400, Karl Berry (KB) wrote:

KB>     Installed on sparc solaris 2.7 texlive from Master tree rsync'ed
KB>     2004-09-18 I assume it is the same as installing from texlive-liv
KB>e CD.
KB> It is not quite the same, but it is close enough to be useful.
KB>     1. Installation worked, although produced lot of messages 
KB>     /opt/gnu/bin/tar: texmf/xdvi/xdvi.cfg: Could not create file:
KB> Permission denied 
KB>     (script attemts to copy many of the files several times) 
KB> Strangely, this does not happen for me (on i386-linux).  (It happened
KB> in
KB> previous releases, though.)  Can you please tell me exactly what
KB> commands you give to the install script, so I can try to reproduce?
KB> It would be bizarre to me that it only happened on sparc, although I
KB> suppose anything is possible.

Since installing from Mater tree is not exactly the same, I  installed
from cd images  test-texlive2004-live-20040920.iso and
test-texlive2004-inst-20040919.iso. Previous installations were
completely deleted. I ran script install-tl.sh in both cases, chosen
default (did not change any suggested options). 

With test-texlive2004-inst-20040919.iso everything clean. 

With test-texlive2004-live-20040920.iso installation worked, but I got
same numeros error messages as I mentioned before, example: 
/opt/gnu/bin/tar: texmf/web2c/pdfxtex.pool: Could not create file: Permission denied

In this case, (readonly) file texmf/web2c/pdfxtex.pool was already
installed, since it is listed in several collections installed by default.

I tried install-pkg again (from both inst and live), it did not work: 

$ install-pkg.sh --listonly --collection=latexextra

ERROR: ./install-pkg.sh: /texlive/cd/texmf-dist/tpm/lists: no such directory. Are you sure this is the TeX Live CD?.
This was a fatal error. Installation aborted.


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