[tex-live] Re: finally compiled lcdf-typetools...

Eddie Kohler kohler at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Sep 19 01:30:29 CEST 2004

Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> "EK" == Eddie Kohler writes:
>  EK> Please try out
>  EK> http://www.lcdf.org/type/lcdf-typetools-2.15.tar.gz (it is not
>  EK> yet linked off the main page).  I think I've fixed all these
>  EK> problems, not always in the same way you did.  Then feel free to
>  EK> send me the warning report if that works.
> "TE" == Thomas Esser writes:
>  TE> Vladimir, please let me know if this works. In that case, I'll
>  TE> update the TeX Live repository.
> Eddie, thanks - i've tried the vanilla version 2.15 on AIX (i only
> took configure, config.sub and config.guess from TeX Live), and it
> compiles without errors.
> Do you think that it's worth looking at the warnings? There are
> primarily link-time warnings about duplicate symbols.

Send them along -- why not?  But the duplicate symbols are your compiler's fault 
I believe, inline functions should not generate link-time warnings.


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