[tex-live] texi2html contains garbage

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Sat Sep 18 04:22:14 CEST 2004


the texi2html script which is being built and installed into
Master/bin directories, contains meaningless references to directories
where it was built:

texi2html:my $prefix = '/home/noc/vvv/src/tl/res';
texi2html:if ('/home/noc/vvv/src/tl/res' ne '@' . 'datadir@')
texi2html:    $pkgdatadir = eval '"/home/noc/vvv/src/tl/res/texi2html"';

Obviously, it makes absolutely no sense because the system where it
will be run will not contain such directories. It should be fixed.


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