[tex-live] Including recent versions of packages

Harald Harders h.harders at tu-bs.de
Wed Sep 15 20:51:28 CEST 2004

Hi Karl,

> Anyway, I'll see if I can do numprint and babelbib, if Seb doesn't get
> there first.  If there are any others you know of, let us know.

Here are some more remarks:

- texmf-dist/tex/latex/interactiveworkbook contains a directory
  interactiveworkbook.sty/ which itself contains two style files. I guess
  this is not wanted.
- eurosans.sty is installed twice in different versions:
  tex/latex/eurofont/eurosans.sty and tex/latex/eurosans/eurosans.sty
- hfoldsty is outdated (1.01 instead of 1.11)
- microtype.sty is missing (a nice replacement for pdfcprot)
- KOMA-Script is outdated
- wrapft.sty is installed twice (different versions).
- acronym is outdated
- contour.sty is outdated.
- framed.sty is installed in a buggy version. Donald has prepared a new,
  better version which he, I believe, have not yet uploaded to CTAN. I am
  not sure what to do.
- hfoldsty is outdated.

>     Sebastian, does the procedure using the target texlive: in the Makefiles
>     work as expected?
> I used Sebastian's normal scripts, rather than the texlive: targets.
> Sorry if that was wrong.

There is nothing wrong about it. I have had discussion with Sebastian
because of missing documentation files with many packages. And we have
decided that it could help if the package authors provide a texlive:
target in their Makefiles. But it seems that the standard script does it
job now well.

> One difference I notice is that the scripts put the .xml and
> getversion.tex files into the doc directory, instead of the source
> directory.  Is that ok?

xml is okay, of course. getversion.tex rather belongs to the source
directory. I will try to avoid it at all in future versions.

> Also, with Fabrice's rearrangements, we now have to use a top-level
> texmf-dist, rather than texmf.

Yes, I have just noticed that. I will change it in future, too.

> I'll attach two files showing where all the files ended up.  Let me know
> if things need to be changed around.

Everything is okay.


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