[tex-live] [small fix]

Giuseppe Bilotta bilotta78 at hotpop.com
Wed Sep 15 12:46:38 CEST 2004

It is not possible to weave & tex etex.web because of a small 
bug in etex.ch. Diff attached (beware of word wrap).

--- etex.ch.20040915	Wed Sep 15 12:33:44 2004
+++ etex.ch	Wed Sep 15 12:43:57 2004
@@ -1328,7 +1328,7 @@
 @x [27] m.468 l.9202 - e-TeX basic
 @d number_code=0 {command code for \.{\\number}}
-\eTeX\ adds \.{\\eTeXrevision}} such that |job_name_code| remains last.
+\eTeX\ adds \.{\\eTeXrevision} such that |job_name_code| remains last.

 @d number_code=0 {command code for \.{\\number}}

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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