[tex-live] updmap.cfg (and fmtutil.cnf)

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Tue Sep 14 19:58:26 CEST 2004

On Sep 14, 2004, at 17:36, Olaf Weber wrote:

> Gerben Wierda writes:
>> I think there is a layout-inconsistency here in TeX Live. The tool
>> fmtutil is installed like the tool updmap from the Makefile in
>> texk/tetex, but fmtutil.cnf is installed from texk/web2c and
>> updmap.cfg  is not installed at all.
> AFAIK updmap.cfg should already be in the texmf/web2c tree.  Arguably,
> the same should hold for fmtutil.cnf.

There is an entry in the web2c Makefile to put fmtutil.cnf there but 
updmap.cfg is not installed. Hence if updmap is called later it fails 
and so does the whole make process.

>> I think it would be cleanest if fmtutil.cnf and updmap.cfg should be
>> installed from texk/tetex's Makefile in combination with the tools
>> (fmtutil and updmap), but I can live with any fix that makes the
>> install work in a clean environment.
> I'd rather not see them installed from the source tree, for the same
> reason I'd rather not see texmf.cnf installed from the source tree.
> The versions we want are likely to be somewhat specific to TeX-live.

Certainly, but a 'make install' should work in a clean situation (it 
always did thusfar, including the creation of a texmf.cnf and a 
fmtutil.cnf). 'Make install' tries to run updmap and thus 'make 
install' needs a updmap.cfg (the same as with fmtutil). As it is now, a 
'make install' on my system fails because I run this in a 100% clean 


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