[tex-live] bug suggestion/report

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 14 17:33:18 CEST 2004

Harald Harders writes:
> On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Olaf Weber wrote:
>> Andreas Hoppe writes:

>>> Ich habe versucht TeXlive - test-texlive2004-inst-20040913 - auf
>>> Solaris 2.7 zu installieren und bemerkt, dass sowohl readlink als auch
>>> access im bin-Verzeichnis fehlen.
>>> Ein Kollege sagte, dass es unter Linux ebenso wäre.

>> access was renamed to kpseaccess
>> readlink was renamed to kpsereadlink

>> This because the names collided with "standard" binaries on some
>> systems.

> The installation on Solaris did not succeed. Here is a part of the error
> message:

> Updating filename database with mktexlsr...
> /soft/texlive/bin/sparc-solaris2.7/mktexlsr: readlink: not found
> /soft/texlive/bin/sparc-solaris2.7/mktexlsr: readlink: not found
> /soft/texlive/bin/sparc-solaris2.7/mktexlsr: access: not found

> Seems that mktexlsr still searches for readlink and access instead of
> kpsereadlink and kpseaccess. And, Andreas told me that on his computer,
> even kpsereadlink and kpseaccess are missing.


That's an old mktexlsr script, as the current one really doesn't refer
to either 'access' or 'readlink'.  And the lack of both 'kpseaccess'
and 'kpsereadlink' suggests they were not installed from texk/kpathsea
for some reason.

The IRIX machine I do builds on does not have TeX-live installed at
all, and builds complete fine.  (I used to have to run 'make world'
twice but that seems to be fixed now.)

Olaf Weber

               (This space left blank for technical reasons.)

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