[tex-live] vptovf bug on Solaris platform

John Hebron hebron at cs.sfu.ca
Tue Sep 14 01:25:40 CEST 2004

 > Sorry, I guess your message wasn't read carefully enough to
 > realize that the compiler bug affected vptovf as well.  All the
 > other programs were doing gf output.
 > I'll attach an older version of vptovf, maybe it will work for
 > you. sparc-solaris hasn't been recompiled since 2003, but it
 > should happen soon.
 > Sorry for the trouble.
 > Best,
 > karl

Thanks Karl.  The older version of vptovf seems to work okay for
us.  We'll use that until TeX_Live_2004 comes out.


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