[tex-live] vptovf bug on Solaris platform

hebron at cs.sfu.ca hebron at cs.sfu.ca
Mon Sep 13 23:33:51 CEST 2004


On July 30th, I reported a bug in the Solaris version of vptovf
in TeXLive 2003.  I received a message back stating that this is
a well-known bug, and referring me to
http://www.tug.org/texlive/bugs.html.  From there, one can
download replacement binaries for mf, mf-nowin, gftopk, and
pktogf, but *not* vptovf.  Is there a replacement available
for vptovf?


John Hebron, Development Manager
Network Support Group
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6

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