[tex-live] Structure proposal for TL2005

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Nov 17 22:53:08 CET 2004

Thomas Esser wrote:
>>platforms, binaries can be out of sync ... pool files can be out of sync 
>>... and format files can be incompatible
> Right, but these files are architecture independend. When derived from the
> same version of the sources, they can be shared by different platforms.

i know -)

> You can get "out of sync", but only by using the wrong version. You
> don't get "out of sync" by using the wrong architecture.


> So, in fact, you are using multiple versions of these files; each of
> them would work on any platform (if used with the right vresion of
> the binaries).

indeed, but i often use different versions of binaries so that's why i put those 
file in the bin related trees; i can often get linux, windows, mac binaries, but 
  for or instance the 64 bit ones i'm more dependent; also, thanh makes me djgpp 
binaries of experimental versions,

this makes me wonder, since web2c converts ... is it difficult to get rid of the 
pool file by just moving the strings in the c code?

> This is what I mean by saying that your texmf-<arch> is in reality more
> a texmf-<some-version>.



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