[tex-live] Structure proposal for TL2005

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Nov 17 21:54:36 CET 2004

Thomas Esser wrote:
>>(for years now i use texmf-<arch> here which makes it possible to have out 
>>of sync architectures)
> The file that you mention are independend of the architecture. I think
> that you are misusing the term "<arch>" for some kind of versioning.

hm, i consider them part of the binary, the fact that for some reason tex keeps 
its strings (pool) ourside the binary and loves to dump is not common practice 
for programs; and ... since on a server, serving several platforms, binaries can 
be out of sync ... pool files can be out of sync ... and format files can be 

versioning is another matter; i guess you're not suggesting that we should use a 
version subpath to distinguish versions (per arch).


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