[tex-live] sources

Siep Kroonenberg siepo at cybercomm.nl
Wed Nov 17 14:40:20 CET 2004

On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 03:58:35PM +0300, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> "KB" == Karl Berry writes:
>  KB>     2. source, the directory with a stable release. This may
>  KB> change over the year and stuff goes in there when
>  KB> source.development is considered to contain a stable release.
>  KB> That makes sense to me.  If (after the release, if we ever get to
>  KB> make one) changes in source would help you (or anyone else),
>  KB> please propose them.
> Are we going to move to CVS instead of perforce after this year release?
> If so, wouldn't it be more natural to get rid of source.development
> and use only one source, but control the development and stable sources
> as branches?
> Best,
> v.

Hadn't there been talk of subversion at some time?

Siep Kroonenberg

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