[tex-live] Structure proposal for TL2005

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Wed Nov 17 13:56:19 CET 2004


> I would like to propose the following directory structure for TL2005
> and teTeX (in the hope that they will finally become unified and I can
> have a real link between TL and teTeX and my installation stuff so
> that they are interchangeable):
> 	.../programs/<archname>/bin (contains binaries like pdfetex)
> 	.../programs/<archname>/lib (contains libkpathsea.a)
> 	.../programs/include
> 	.../programs/man
> 	.../programs/info
> 	.../programs/texmf (contains .tcx and .pool files)
> 	.../foundation/texmf-dist (contains basic support stuff, like
> it is now)
> 	.../foundation/texmf-foo (any other separate tree maintained
> by a redistributor, like me)
> 	.../local/texmf (where local changes and additions are made)
> The reasons are:
> 1. Make a clear separation between stuff that is hardware architecture
> dependent and that what is not
> 2. Make a clear separation between the programs (TeX is a compiler
> after all) and the macro packages and stuff
> 3. Make a clear separation between local and installed
> 4. Unify TL and teTeX

I see no reason at all to distribute
  .../programs/<archname>/lib (contains libkpathsea.a)
with TeX Live or teTeX.

I see no reason to distribute
At the very least, kpathsea incluse directory is also architecture dependent,
do you should then put it in .../programs/<archname>/include
But again, there's no need to distribute this with TeX Live or teTeX.

I personally don't see much gain in introducing the "programs",
"foundation" and "local" directories.

What I wanted to propose is to create a separate directory with script
binaries, instead of duplicating them in each architecture.


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