[tex-live] binaries 'unification'

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Fri Nov 12 10:31:17 CET 2004

On Nov 11, 2004, at 22:00, Vladimir Volovich wrote:

> "GW" == Gerben Wierda writes:
>  GW> A migration would entail for me to produce an alternate, say
>  GW> newaltpdftex with your syntax, the release that side by side with
>  GW> the current setup and then end support for the old stuff a year
>  GW> from now to give everybody (frontend designers who rely on
>  GW> altpdflatex and friends to be available) time to migrate.
>  GW> It is a good plan, and I'll look into this. But not immediately
>  GW> (pressed for time), sorry.
> what about switching to new way in TeX Live? it doesn't contain your
> frontends; you may still distribute old altpdf*** files in your
> distribution?
> to switch to new calling convention, it is sufficient to change
> calledas=`basename "$0"`
> in the beginning of the script to
> calledas="altpdf$1"
> shift
> (and update doc strings).

I will have to do it slightly differently. I can make the new behaviour 
depending on the name (I just can't think of a new name since altpdftex 
is already taken). You can then have both behaviours in one script. I 
won't change the behaviour of the current script names, but a new 
script name with different behaviour is OK. altpdftex will then be 
removed from TeX Live sources and replaced with a new name script.

I'll look into it.


> Best,
> v.

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