[tex-live] binaries 'unification'

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Nov 11 19:24:09 CET 2004

"VV" == Vladimir Volovich writes:

 VV> 2) Why you added only a few altpdf* scripts? A lot of them are
 VV> missing! Then add a few more dozens of them for all other
 VV> formats. ;-)

 VV> So just get rid of this silliness, and use just one altpdf
 VV> script. :-)

I apologize for this phrase which may look rude (which was not
intentional, and i realized that after sending the message).

I just wanted to say that it does not make sense to have tons of
altpdf*** scripts for several reasons (main of which is that you
cannot guarantee to have altpdf*** for every possible format; also it
bloats the binary dirs), and it is much better to use just one script.


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