[tex-live] some help request in TexLive installation for Xemacs

laurent pantera laurent.pantera at free.fr
Sat Nov 6 22:22:21 CET 2004

Dear TexLive List,

       In order to discover TeX (and LateX) I decided to become a member of the Gutenberg association and therefore I received the 2CDs+DVD (Edition 9/2003). I work with Windows 98. The installation works with no error message. I can launch Xemacs but there is no Latex menu as it is said in the documentation of TexLive to test the installation with the file sample2e.tex. With WinShell I have no problem to do the test but I want to discover also Xemacs because in the future I would like to use in the same time TeX, R and Splus (statistical softwares).

   Is there anybody to help me ?

thanks beforehand.

Best regards

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