[tex-live] source or source.development?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 5 15:04:32 CET 2004

    I have noticed some bug fixes (e.g. to texconfig which now rebuilds 
    formats after a paper size setting. WHich repository is now the one 
    that is up-to-date. source.development still or source?

They are being kept in sync at the moment, so it doesn't matter which is
used.  At least that's the idea.  I've been checking that from time to
time, I'll do it again now.

    (note: is it a good idea that paper size for pdftex ends up in the 
    format file while for tex+dvips it is set and read runtime by dvips? 

One of the fundamental differences between tex and pdftex is that pdftex
has to know the characteristics of the document output, since it is
producing the final output.  Thus, page size, page offsets, resolution,
and other parameters that are left to DVI processing when tex is used
must be given up front to pdftex.  (This is explained, tersely, in the
pdftex manual.)

    Personally my first idea would be that such settings indeed should be 
    read by pdftex from a config file and thus not require a format 

As I expect you know, that's how it used to be until this year -- what
used to be set in pdftex.cfg is now set with pdfTeX primitives.  There
are pros and cons.  As Hans said, it's a document-level thing anyway.


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