[tex-live] help using basic postscript fonts with TexLive4 CD

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 25 16:26:08 CET 2004

    Can someone read its log & tell me why these basic
    postscript fonts in test1.tex program do not work?

When I run texlive4/texmf/doc/latex/psnfss/test1.tex through TL 4's
pdflatex, I find some fonts (avant garde, century schoolbook, zapf
chancery, helvetica narrow) to be missing.  That looks to be the source
of most the errors you noted in the log.  I'm not clear on what the
problem is, they are in the lw35.map file which got read.  I can't say
I'm enthused about delving deeper into this old distribution ...

The other fonts (palatino, times, etc.) look ok.  I'll attach my
resulting .pdf so you can compare with yours.
    Someone said I should get a newer version of TexLive.  I can do that
    if needed but I wanted to confirm that my March 1999 CD is
    inadequate before I rejoin TUG in order to get (I hope) a newer,
    fixed TexLive CD.

You can also download the image from CTAN (please choose the nearest
mirror, since it's such a huge file), or buy the CD without joining
(http://tug.org/store), if you don't care about TUGboat, etc.  Of course
we'll appreciate any support :).

karl (TUG president :)

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