[tex-live] Re: time to get rid of MakeTeXPK?

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Tue Mar 23 23:50:04 CET 2004

"RF" == Robin Fairbairns writes:

 >> is it time to get rid of MakeTeXPK?
 >> * it is not used anywhere on current distributions of teTeX, TeX
 >> Live, etc
 >> * there is virtually no chance that it might be needed in some
 >> scenario when some old program is installed in parallel with new
 >> system (there were so many changes anyway so that it is extremely
 >> unlikely that this can happen and/or might work).

 RF> and it's ok to assume that everyone who wants to use a
 RF> metafont-only font can generate the bitmaps for themselves?  or
 RF> just go hang?  find themselves an earlier distribution?

 RF> i think not.  it doesn't cost much to keep the thing; and the
 RF> anguish from users (who have a hard enough time as it is) isn't
 RF> worth the gain of deleting the thing.

 RF> note: one of the standard references, the comprehensive symbol
 RF> list, recommends a wide range of metafont-only fonts.  the
 RF> thing's too useful to throw away, and too large to rewrite.

No, of course I do not propose to get rid of METAFONT fonts.

It's just about deleting an old obsolete script MakeTeXPK which is not
used anymore and which was long time ago superceded by the mktexpk
script. Just no need to keep that script anymore since it's not used.


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