[tex-live] Where is Master/texmf/tex/generic/tex4ht?

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Sat Mar 13 01:04:42 CET 2004

On Mar 13, 2004, at 00:51, Fabrice Popineau wrote:

>> So, tex4ht has been split accross texmf-dist and texmf. What is the
>> rationale for such a split?
> I   see no strong reason   to do it  one way  or  another. Eitan 
> updates
> support files and program files  independently (or so  it seems). So  
> we
> can chose  to have support files  and program files in  the same tree 
> or
> not. I can move all  of tex4ht into the  same tree unless someone has 
> an
> objection.

Am I misunderstanding things if I say that you need both parts for 
tex4ht to work? In that case, it should all be part of texmf. It is 
function, not how it is updated that should define its place in the dir 
structure. I.e., if the file changes when the pdftex binary changes 
(.e.g. .pool files), they should be in a separate directory from stuff 
that is independent from the program. I am going to stop here, we 
discussed this earlier.

I still wonder what happened to the outcome of the earlier discussion 
on texmf trees and their roles. I think that was pretty well discussed 
to a conclusion and I even recall that Sebastain had said he was going 
to implement it. And now suddenly (to me) it seems we are going into 
another direction entirely which IMO makes matters maybe good for 
CD/DVD distribution, but in the meantime harms the use of TL as the 
basis of my (dynamic) net-distribution.


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