[tex-live] Timeline graphic for TeX and TeX-based/inspired systems?

John Murdie john at cs.york.ac.uk
Wed Jun 30 19:19:02 CEST 2004

Is there a timeline graphic for TeX and TeX-based/inspired systems (and
perhaps contributed components?), along the lines of the (normally
vertical) timelines for Unix-derived systems that one sometimes sees
(e.g. Éric Lévénez's http://www.levenex.com/unix/)? Many such systems
are included in TeXLive, of course, and I think something like this
would be a useful aid for beginning users to help them understand how
the particular system they are using fits into the TeX world. Perhaps
systems (such as Omega) would be distinguished from formats (such as
LaTeX). Might formats, contributions of fonts etc, be shown as lines
merging into a line representing a system, and new systems as lines
diverging from the parent system line?

I might draw up an initial draft (for comment) of such a timeline if
there isn't already one - except that I'm about to go on holiday for two
weeks, so someone can beat me to it. Also. I'm not a real TeX expert,
despite many years of using TeX and associated systems! What notation
would be most suitable? Éric Lévénez uses FrameMaker on NeXTSTEP

I'm not putting myself foward as a qualified volunteer for such a
project, mind you!

John A. Murdie
Department of Computer Science
University of York

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