[tex-live] p4, tpm and lists

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jun 24 15:59:48 CEST 2004

    Sorry for perhaps silly questions...

It's not silly.

    (eg lists/bin-kpathsea still doesn't contain kpsereadlink.1, so in 
    consequence it cannot be installed). 

The lists files are 100% generated from the tpm's.

    1. should I touch tmp files by hand (eg remove readlink.1 and add 
    kpsereadlink.1); there are no "patterns" for such things.

What tmp files?  You mean the lists files?  The right thing to do is
edit the tpms, then run update-lists.

If that's too slow/annoying, you can just edit the lists files, but
they'll get overwritten by the nightly build, so the tpm's have to be
changed as well.

    2. can we have a recipe what to do if some files dissapear from
    the package and some other are added?

Assuming you're talking about packages in texmf, then you do still have
to edit texmf/tpm/whatever.tpm (bin-kpathsea.tpm in this case), adding
or removing pattern entries and file entries.

Then, you can run tpm-check to check the consistency of patterns with
 files with the actual checked-out tree.
Then update-tpm to regenerate the tpm's (run until its output is silent,
 might take 4 iterations).
Then update-lists to regenerate the lists files.

None of these will do p4 submit's, you still have to do that.

This process is exactly what the tlrebuild script does (plus the submit).

Does that help?  (BTW, I wrote some of this (even more tersely) in
tools/README, FWIW.)

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