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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jun 23 09:22:59 CEST 2004

Karl Berry wrote:

>    I wonder what people feel about breaking the "cm" package in two, so
>    that the Metafont sources are a separate package (which I can omit)?
>    would that cause howls of protest?
>I see no harm in it.
>    or shall I not have "cm" at all, and just have "lmodern"?
>You still have to have cm, or basically no existing documents will be
>processable.  LM is not a drop-in replacement for CM.  It doesn't
>have a cmr10.tfm, for instance, and anyway the metrics are slightly
>different (and better).
eh ... this is not true. it does not need a cmr10.tfm because all you 
need to do is to change the lines in your map files

the metrics are taken from the good old cmr10.tfm  (but other 
afm's/tfm's may provide better ones; same for kerning and such); in 
principle we can drop cmr10.pfb; we only need to keep the math fonts

my original-public-lm.map file contains:

lmb10    LMRomanDemi10-Regular        <lmb10.enc    <lmb10.pfb
lmbsl10  LMRomanDemi10-BoldItalic     <lmbsl10.enc  <lmbsl10.pfb
lmbx10   LMRoman10-Bold               <lmbx10.enc   <lmbx10.pfb
lmbx12   LMRoman12-Bold               <lmbx12.enc   <lmbx12.pfb
lmbx5    LMRoman5-Bold                <lmbx5.enc    <lmbx5.pfb
lmbx6    LMRoman6-Bold                <lmbx6.enc    <lmbx6.pfb
lmbx7    LMRoman7-Bold                <lmbx7.enc    <lmbx7.pfb
lmbx8    LMRoman8-Bold                <lmbx8.enc    <lmbx8.pfb
lmbx9    LMRoman9-Bold                <lmbx9.enc    <lmbx9.pfb
lmbxsl10 LMSlanted10-BoldItalic       <lmbxsl10.enc <lmbxsl10.pfb
lmbxti10 LMRoman10-BoldItalic         <lmbxti10.enc <lmbxti10.pfb
lmcsc10  LMCaps10-Regular             <lmcsc10.enc  <lmcsc10.pfb
lmitt10  LMTypewriter10-Italic        <lmitt10.enc  <lmitt10.pfb
lmr10    LMRoman10-Regular            <lmr10.enc    <lmr10.pfb
lmr12    LMRoman12-Regular            <lmr12.enc    <lmr12.pfb
lmr17    LMRoman17-Regular            <lmr17.enc    <lmr17.pfb
lmr5     LMRoman5-Regular             <lmr5.enc     <lmr5.pfb
lmr6     LMRoman6-Regular             <lmr6.enc     <lmr6.pfb
lmr7     LMRoman7-Regular             <lmr7.enc     <lmr7.pfb
lmr8     LMRoman8-Regular             <lmr8.enc     <lmr8.pfb
lmr9     LMRoman9-Regular             <lmr9.enc     <lmr9.pfb
lmsl10   LMSlanted10-Italic           <lmsl10.enc   <lmsl10.pfb
lmsl12   LMSlanted12-Italic           <lmsl12.enc   <lmsl12.pfb
lmsl8    LMSlanted8-Italic            <lmsl8.enc    <lmsl8.pfb
lmsl9    LMSlanted9-Italic            <lmsl9.enc    <lmsl9.pfb
lmsltt10 LMTypewriterSlanted10-Italic <lmsltt10.enc <lmsltt10.pfb
lmss10   LMSans10-Regular             <lmss10.enc   <lmss10.pfb
lmss12   LMSans12-Regular             <lmss12.enc   <lmss12.pfb
lmss17   LMSans17-Regular             <lmss17.enc   <lmss17.pfb
lmss8    LMSans8-Regular              <lmss8.enc    <lmss8.pfb
lmss9    LMSans9-Regular              <lmss9.enc    <lmss9.pfb
lmssbi10 LMSans10-BoldItalic          <lmssbi10.enc <lmssbi10.pfb
lmssbx10 LMSans10-Bold                <lmssbx10.enc <lmssbx10.pfb
lmssdc10 LMSansDemiCond10-Regular     <lmssdc10.enc <lmssdc10.pfb
lmssdi10 LMSansDemiCond10-BoldItalic  <lmssdi10.enc <lmssdi10.pfb
lmssi10  LMSans10-Italic              <lmssi10.enc  <lmssi10.pfb
lmssi12  LMSans12-Italic              <lmssi12.enc  <lmssi12.pfb
lmssi17  LMSans17-Italic              <lmssi17.enc  <lmssi17.pfb
lmssi8   LMSans8-Italic               <lmssi8.enc   <lmssi8.pfb
lmssi9   LMSans9-Italic               <lmssi9.enc   <lmssi9.pfb
lmssq8   LMSansQuotation8-Regular     <lmssq8.enc   <lmssq8.pfb
lmssqb8  LMSansQuotation8-Bold        <lmssqb8.enc  <lmssqb8.pfb
lmssqbi8 LMSansQuotation8-BoldItalic  <lmssqbi8.enc <lmssqbi8.pfb
lmssqi8  LMSansQuotation8-Italic      <lmssqi8.enc  <lmssqi8.pfb
lmtcsc10 LMTypewriterCaps10-Regular   <lmtcsc10.enc <lmtcsc10.pfb
lmti10   LMRoman10-Italic             <lmti10.enc   <lmti10.pfb
lmti12   LMRoman12-Italic             <lmti12.enc   <lmti12.pfb
lmti7    LMRoman7-Italic              <lmti7.enc    <lmti7.pfb
lmti8    LMRoman8-Italic              <lmti8.enc    <lmti8.pfb
lmti9    LMRoman9-Italic              <lmti9.enc    <lmti9.pfb
lmtt10   LMTypewriter10-Regular       <lmtt10.enc   <lmtt10.pfb
lmtt12   LMTypewriter12-Regular       <lmtt12.enc   <lmtt12.pfb
lmtt8    LMTypewriter8-Regular        <lmtt8.enc    <lmtt8.pfb
lmtt9    LMTypewriter9-Regular        <lmtt9.enc    <lmtt9.pfb

>    Realistically, are .afm files ever used these days by normal users?
>    I mean the .afm files for cm, lmodern etc
>I can't imagine why.  I don't ever use them, at least.
some people may want to use th lm fonts with other applications (i use them as screen font, since they render quite wel)  


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