[tex-live] heresy

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jun 23 09:15:57 CEST 2004

Olaf Weber wrote:

>Sebastian Rahtz writes:
>>I want to define a really mininal TeX setup. You know what that means,
>>just the pdftex engine, metapost, Type1 fonts only, etc.
>>My current "minimal" setup clocks in at 96 megabytes, which is ridiculous!
fyi: such a minimal tree for context contains around 40 Meg (without 
binaries, e.g. linux binaries take some 2.5 M)

>> <>I wonder what people feel about breaking the "cm" package in two, so
>> that the Metafont sources are a separate package (which I can omit)?
>> would that cause howls of protest? or shall I not have "cm" at all,
>> and just have "lmodern"?
sounds right to me, if you want a quick and dirty replacement for 
plr/csr/aer, you can remap those onto lm in map files (good enough for 
single language purposes)


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