[tex-live] pdftex engine compatibility for formats

Staszek Wawrykiewicz staw at gust.org.pl
Sun Jun 20 03:11:36 CEST 2004

On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Karl Berry wrote:

> Regarding the \ifx\pdfoutput\undefined issue.
> To implement what we've discussed at length, I've created a file
> texmf-dist/tex/latex/config/pdftex-dvi.ini which disables the relevant
> primitives (still leaving them accessible as \normalFOO).
> I changed latex.ini to input this file only if pdftex is in fact being
> used, as Thomas outlined.  Change #5137.

Seems perfectly done. Many thanks, Karl.
I'd only suggest another localisation:
texmf/tex/generic/config/pdftex-dvi.tex (please observe: not .ini)
along with pdftexconfig.tex (it will serve not only for latex).
Moreover it should belong to the core distribution.

One more small correction in latex.ini (and other files):
< % We're building the latex format with the pdftex engine (started 2004).    
> % We're building the latex format with the pdfetex engine (started 2004).
The same comment should be used in pdftex-dvi.tex
(at first latex switched to etex engine, then to pdfetex, not pdftex).

> What I'm wondering now is what other formats need the same treatment.
> Below is a list of all the (non-pdf) */config/.ini files.  I guess I'm
> responsible myself for Eplain and Texinfo; I don't think the pdftex-dvi
> compatibility is needed for either.
> Can whoever is responsible for any of the others chime in?  mex and
> amstex seem particularly likely to me, but it's not my place ...

Will do that for mex and platex

> plain/config/aleph.ini
> plain/config/omega.ini
> lambda/config/lambda.ini

They use different engine


Staszek Wawrykiewicz
StaW at gust.org.pl

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