[tex-live] binaries

Baden Hughes badenh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sun Jun 13 02:37:39 CEST 2004

Sebastian brought up the subject of binaries, so its time to review the
situation for TL2004.

Here's what we shipped for TL2003:

i386-linux (i386 Linux)
powerpc-darwin6.3 (MacOSX)
win32 (32-bit Windows, i.e., 9X and later)
alpha-linux (HP Alpha Linux)
i386-freebsd (i386 FreeBSD)
i386-openbsd (i386 OpenBSD)
i386-solaris (Sun i386 Solaris)
mips-irix (SGI IRIX)
powerpc-aix (IBM RS/6000 AIX)
sparc-solaris (Sun Sparc Solaris)
sparc64-linux (Sparc Linux)

Other available options that I'm aware of or have local access to:

opteron64-linux (AMD64 AMD 64-bit Opteron Linux 2.4 SuSE 8 ES)
powerpc-darwin (PowerPC Apple Mac G4 Mac OS X Mac OS X Server Edition with
i386-linux (x86 dual Intel Pentium III Linux 2.4 Red Hat Linux 7.3)
i386-linux (x86 dual Intel Pentium III Linux 2.2 Debian GNU/Linux 2.2)
alpha-linux (Alpha DEC Alpha EV67 Linux 2.2 Debian GNU/Linux 3.0)
sparc64-linux (Sparc64 Sun Ultra 60 Linux 2.4 Debian GNU/Linux 3.0)
sparc-solaris (Sparc Sun Ultra Enterprise R220 Solaris Sun Solaris 8)
strongarm-linux (StrongARM CerfCube SA1110 Linux 2.4 Debian GNU/Linux 3.0)

Can we work out who is going to handle binaries for the respective
platforms ? From memory Gerben handles powerpc-darwin, Norbert handles
i386-linux ...



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